Creativity is involuntary – Sharing it isn't

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About Oblongatae

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We meet the last Sunday of every month at 19:00-22:00. Whether you'd like to join us for a night of great discussion (incl. wine and cheese) or you're looking to display some of your work. You should probably subscribe to our mailing list!

About Us

In an apartment with ground floor living space there are always two options: Close the blinds on the world and the community, or open your door to interesting people you've never met before. Oblongatae was an idea to promote the latter. We are a community that gathers and promotes the expression of creativity, which is too often mis-aligned with our day jobs.

You’re going to love it

This is a great opportunity to gather with your community. To meet neighbors you've only ever waved and given a passing glance. You never knew about the animation artist next door, but now they're your new best friend and you've each hosted a dinner party. Come experience Oblongatae

How are art exhibits chosen?

We turn down... absolutely nothing. If you want to present your work, we are always looking for new artists and non-artists to present their works... but that's for the submission section below =)

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Have something you've wanted to share?

You can share absolutely anything: Drawings, Painting, Printed Photos, Coding Projects, ... It's an art gallery, meets graphic design, meets the open mic, meets hackathon, bring anything* you feel is creative!

*Physical art displays help jump start discussions, but we need to make room for everyone. If in need of wall/floor space please direct to a photo and include sizing in your message (facebook, dropbox, google photos, personal website, etc.)